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Tuesday 1 November 2022

[VIDEO]: It's Time To Embrace Our Destiny, PDP Candidate For Share/Oke-Ode Tells Constituents

Ahead of the 2023 general election, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Share/Oke Ode Constituency, Kwara State House of Assembly, Barr. Obayomi Azeez Olaitan has reeled out his manifestos and plans to the people of his constituency.

In a video received by 9japarrot Media, Obayomi extensively highlighted his plans and vision for his Constituency through the powerful statement of intents.

Describing some of his qualities, He declares that he his standing to represent his people as a symbol of a new era, an emblem of goodwill, and a totem of leadership wrapped in service.

He noted that as someone who have lived within the shores of his immediate community for decades as son of the soil, it won't be a rocket science for him to say he perfectly understand what the people and the Constituency needs. Through quality representation, all dreams will be actualize, He added

He urges all constituents to come together to birth the conceived era of progress, Infrastructural development, increased agricultural productivity among others.

Read the full statements of intents below;

My people of Share/Oke Ode Constituency, I stand here today as symbol of a new era, an emblem of goodwill and a totem of leadership wrapped in service.

In the last three decades of my life, I have interacted with major towns across my constituency. I have lived and enjoyed childhood moments at Oke-Ode and Share. I have had agricultural and farming experience at Idera, Oyan, Alabe, Ajegunle, Famonle, Shagbe, Omugo, and Oke-Daba communities. I have engaged in buying & selling activities at Oreke, Oro-Ago, Ilupeju, Alegongo, Ahun, Oyate, Adio, Alera, Famonle, and Babanla. I have friends and family at Arola, Bankole, Labaka, Omi-aro, Oyan, Iyana Share, and Babanloma. I can comfortably say I have visited and enjoyed the comfort and economic benefits of all the towns that made up Share/Oke Ode Constituency.

In course of my relationship with the various towns and villages, I have noticed the absence of pertinent needs such as; drinkable water in some towns, poorly equipped and abandoned school buildings in some villages (particularly Gaa Fulani). However, with me as your representative, the time for ease has come-Fulani Language. I have noticed with keen interest the bad roads in majority of our villages which has prevented easy access to farm produce. I am also aware some of our villages are not connected to National grid at all. I have noticed that poverty has found a safe abode amongst our people. I have also noticed the disconnection between our people and our representatives. All of the above identified problems are why I present myself to you in service as an agent of goodwill and a totem of service.

Watch the video;

My service to my community could be referenced to various contributions I have made in time past, among which are; free Jamb forms to students, payment of tuition fee of some students at secondary school level, distribution of incentives to students, mentorship to our teeming youths and constant involvement in student unionism, support to our aged parents through constant cash support.

I have also assisted youths with capital to start businesses but I believe our people deserve more. We deserve a representative that places premium on education, a representative that knows the problem of our people and is equally ready to reduce, if not solve completely those problems. A representative that is passionate about the wellbeing of our constituents! A representative that is vocal enough to make our voice heard more louder and advocate for the plight of our people and the need to provide a long-lasting solution to that plight through Bills and Motion at the floor of the House. We deserve a representative that is compassionate and loving! One that sees our constituents as families and equally sees beyond our political and tribal divide.

I am a lawyer trained in Advocacy. I strongly possess the qualities to speak and fight for my constituents at the House of Assembly through life changing Bills and Motions of urgent importance. I must remind you that only an advocate can help his constituents enjoy the benefit of having a representative at the Legislative Chamber because the business of a Legislator is majorly advocacy. Fighting for my people intellectually and of course, with my vast knowledge of the law.

We have suffered for too long, we have endured for so much a time and we have all waited for this moment of emancipation and productive representation. Time they say waits for nobody. We can't afford to have a poor representation any longer. We can't afford to have a silent and unproductive representation for another four years. We can't afford to vote incompetence for another four years.

Therefore, it is time to embrace our destiny, the time to vote competence, compassion and productive representation. Èyin ègbón àti Àbúrò mi, bàbá àti ìyá mi, àsìkò ìdèrà ati ìtura ti dé. Àsìkò tó láti ní asojú tó dántó, tá sojú, tátún sèyìn (Say this words in Nupe and Fulani Languages too). We must come together to reject bad representational politics with our votes. We must collectively reject stagnancy and poor leadership. We must embrace and support our own son of the soil. I have shown compassion and support for our children and I am ready to do more. I have the capacity to speak and fight for us and I am ready to be an advocate for all.

We must all come together, to birth the conceived era of progress, infrastructural development, increased agricultural productivity through loan and material support for farmers; quality education through the provision of bursary and scholarship for our children and improved educational infrastructure; entrepreneurship empowerment for our youths through grants and interest-free revolving loans; availability of drinkable water through the provision of many motorized boreholes around our communities and leadership wrapped in love and compassion by supporting and voting for me as your representative in the 10th Assembly, to represent Share/Oke Ode Constituency.

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