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Friday 28 February 2020

A Jolly Good Fellow; Mal. Lawal Olalekan Olohungbebe

A Jolly Good Fellow; Mal. Lawal Olalekan Olohungbebe

By Abdulrauf Toyin Kuranga.

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains immortal.”

In the scorching sun, you are like a tree that provides a shield just for the comfort of others. You endure just so others can enjoy. You live life to make a living for lives to live life.

Of my many years meeting people, I haven’t met a man so shrewd, so extraordinary, so generous, so humble and so impactful like my mentor; Lawal Olalekan Olohungbebe. His life is a success story, as his contributions to individual and national development are unbeatable.

He is a responsible husband, a responsive father and a respectable citizen. This man is a great teacher; he has taught us life’s greatest lessons in the most relatable manner. He is a beacon of hope and an erudite scholar who has a deep affinity with excellence.

The best way to define great virtues is to practice it. I know and have seen people who are excellently and morally upright and yet allow same to flow through them to the stream of humanity. Indeed, the most endowed people are not popular because they are always humble. Yet, their good works and immense impact make them popular, as they become the talk of the world.

He is a devout Muslim who conducts himself with utmost fear of God. He is always conscious of the great meeting with His Allah, which is largely responsible for the amiable relationships he shares with fellow men.

He believes that the first person who benefits from an act of charity is the benefactor himself; seeing changes in himself and in his manners, finding peace, watching a smile form on the lips of others.

He is a truly cosmopolitan outlook of the world. He is urbane and suave. He is a man who says what he sees, what he hears and what he thinks as he feels with no qualms. He is a balanced personality who stands far away from the extremities of timidity and temerity.

Have I also mentioned that he is a philanthropist who is generous to a fault? He helps quite a number of people but would never mention it. Yes, my mentor is humble, too! His contributions are neither for accolades nor for self-exhibitionism, but in sincere service to God and to humanity.

I remember how this wonderful man talks to other young mentees and myself about life. He tells us life gives us what we make of it and no matter the punches it throws at us, we must absorb them and wax even stronger.

Those words still ring in my ears and they have gone a long way in reshaping our lives and rekindling our hope. Believe me, my mentor has his way with words. He is an ardent motivator! If the country has more of him, I am confident we will have less misfits in the society because when others see a victim, he sees a victor.

His love for family is unquenchable. For him, the family tie is a hallmark to one’s greatness in life. In his little way, he ensures that the bond is so strong that it doesn’t smell a pang of separation.

Besides, when you think individualism as the cornerstone for success, he emphasises communalism and shared love for all irrespective of their socio-economic and religious affiliations. He corrects with love because he seeks to ameliorate even those you think are the worst of all.

There is an ambulance of tranquillity that surrounds him. In fact, being close to him is synonymous with being great. He speaks greatness, acts greatness and I still see greatness. He is not judgemental and his deep sense of reasoning is enviable.

Lawal dares fear, he’s not a mere man. He scares away challenges and his tier of care is rare. He despises lies/liars and embraces honesty. His presence is amazing and optimistic. As a matter of fact, the youth shall benefit and utilize from his dauntless legacies. Truly, he’s an outstanding disciplinarian and a priceless idol.

This pacific and specific man detests mediocrity. A community development expert who is superbly dedicating. He knows the true nomenclature of community and its classification. I had decided to put his popularity to test by entering some communities mentioning his name. I was marveled and intrigued by the countless reports from people. Lawal has tore records off more shores in recent times.

This man has fully paid his dues and deserves to be revered as due. He has maintained stupendous repute and diligence, and is well known among his colleagues for being prosperous.

Lawal, supports the youths in all ramifications. To me, he is an agitator of #not too young to succeed, not too young to progress and not too young to impact in the community positively.

He encourages productivity, industrialism and education among the youths within his reach. All in all, Lawal is social, entertaining, not exactly classic not to talk of being extravagant.

I learnt from him that, “An act of charity is like perfume. It benefits the user, the seller and the buyer, and the psychological benefit one receives from helping others is great.”

Mr Lawal Olalekan Olohungbebe is a hero and an icon worthy of emulation.
I pray that Allah (SWT) will grant this man, who is a shining light of excellence, industry and success devoid of arrogance, his wishes and many more years of service to humanity.

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